Insect`s & Prey in govannet


The Chironomidae is very important and one of the main food source. Sizes will range from 22-10.The first hatch of the year usually start`s when the ice dissapears.


The Crane fly, also known as Daddy Long Leg, is very common in the late summertime. It`s size can make even the biggest trout lose their brains. Windy days are the ones you should focus on.

Ephemeroptera Caenis-Liten slam døgnflue

Known as the Anglers Curse, this little mayfly hatch in numbers beyond our wildest imagination. That offcourse makes it difficult to present your fake among the real.


Warm sunny days in the late summer/ early autumn, can set of one of the highlights of the season. Protein rich food the trout goes mad about. Theese swarms can really present the big ones on a platter.


They appear in thousands, and when the pupa swims towards the surface the trout easily plucks them. Common in the lake, excpecially in a chartreuse/green colour. The Adult`s can start of a frency that can bring some real  action to the table.

Gasterosteus aculeatus-Trepigget stingsild

Big fish cant eat insect`s alone, they have to put their teeth into some meet from time to time. Rig your six weight rod and hit the edge of the weedgras with your zonker streamer. POW!!


One of our favourites, this big single winged mosquito gets even the picky big ones up. Be patient and be prepared to set a personal best. Theese hatches are crazy.


There are times during the season when we feel like getting hit with rocks. During the cofee breaks in the shelter by the lake, it sometimes feels safer inside it. The big trouts do seem to like them anyway.


A Scary fellah, dont know to much about it. The trouts seem to like the spicy taste of it from time to time. Supposed to be a indicator of good water quality. We accept that!


Hungry? Well it may not be your first choice, but believe me when i say that this is a pattern you should try to imitate. extremely effective, and there is a lot of them in the lake.

Gammarus pulex-ferskvannsloppe

There is some factors that really does matter when it comes to explosive growth. The trout love theese treats, and there are many of them here. Also a good indicator of good water quality.


This chunky bad boy is one of my favourite to imitate. Early spring, stripping it along the weeds. You better hold on and be ready. The biggest trouts we catch all year usually falls fort his one.

Zygoptera-Vann nymfe

When you go out with your girl to eat dinner, it`s almost guaranteed that you will have a snack before the main course. This is it, the zygoptera tastes good i think. What do the trout think of it?

Leptophlebia Marginata-Stor myr døgnflue

The first Mayfly of the season. This will give you the good feeling, and the indicator that the summer is closer than ever. The Lepto hatches happens on the west side of the lake.

Cloeon dipterum- Gul dam døgnflue

First sighting of this fellah during the season 2017. Exciting, and we are looking forward to investigate this more.

Chrysomelidae-Lyngblad bille

Crisp air and cold mornings in June.You know the beetles will appear sometime in the afternoon when the sun has heated up the heather. The amount`s of this terrestrial can be overwhelming.