Practical Seatrout 

Trout fishing in saltwater is the fastest growing form of flyfishing in Norway theese days. And it`s become extremely popular, no wonder when it`s a fishery you can execute all year. Still it may be some what unknown to many.

Where do you start and how ? What equipment too use, where do we find the seatrout throughout the year and so on.

I have been fishing for searuns for about twenty years, and during theese years i have picked up a thing or two that may come in hand. Strategies and tricks has been learned, and i am more than willing to share theese with you. Want to up your game hunting for searuns? Let me know.

This practical course will give you many new tools in order for you to suceed. I would like to show you how to get a new exciting fishery on a fish you allready are familliare with, but maybe didn`t know to much about.

This course suits all, both beginners and advanced fishermen that just want to dig deeper into the material. Learn new techniques and theory towards saltwater trout fishing.

You dont need to be a master caster to join this course, this is all about learning the practical aspect`s of trout fishing. 

Minimum 3 persons

 Class session last`s for about six to eight hours 

Session 1

  • Casting techniques and practical casting
  • What equipment to choose
  • Seasons and choice of place 

Session  2

  • Searun food source and biotope
  • We figure it out together
  • Practical learning by doing, we fish for searuns
  • Individual participant time where we put the knowledge to the test during practical fishing
  • Summary/what have we learned today 

If this sounds exciting, please feel free to contact me for prices and other information    phone : 99387427 

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