Practical brown trout 

Troutfishing can be done in many different ways, but for me it`s all about flyfishing. If you put some effort in to it, you will figure out that fishing for trout can be both challenging and easy at the same time. Many people think of Lake fishing as more of a time spent, with a catch that rarely is something to brag about. Mainly because of the difficulty of catching fish with a good size. Personaly i think that it`s a exciting field, with many aspects to consider.

If you get more into how the trout lives, what their food source looks like, and where to find it. Then your view on troutfishing probably will take a new direction. With over twenty years of experience hunting for trout, I can tell you that there is plenty of factors that will tip the odds in your favour. This is what i can help you figure out.

This practical course will give you many new tools in order for you to suceed with this. I would like to show you how to get a new exciting fishery on a fish you allready are familliare with, but maybe didn`t put high on your priority list.

Trout is a fish you can hunt for all year with the right knowledge and equipment. 

This course suits all, both beginners and advanced fishermen that just want to dig deeper into the material. Learn new techniques and course of action for stillwater fishing. You dont need to be a master caster to join this course, this is all about learning the practical aspect`s of trout fishing. 

Minimum 3 persons on a course

The class session lasts for about six to eight hours.

Part 1

  • Casting techniques & approach
  • Equipment choice,fly rigs & knots
  • Practical casting training & presission techniques
  • Summary of the day & what have we learned

Part 2

  • The trout food & insect`s
  • Seasons & biotope understanding
  •  Practical fishing in various situations
  • Summary of the day

If this sounds exciting, please feel free to contact me for prices and other information    phone : 99387427 

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